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YMCA Sports star Program is an inclusive program that will teach children the fundamentals of sport.   Through a combination of programs that give children a chance to experience different programs.  Sports Stars will create a journey for kids to go on develop into young sporting adults.

Aim of program:
To develop young children an interest in sport, in a fun engaging way.  Where children can gain confidence and establish skill sets that will assist them in mental, physical and social development   The program will give opportunity for people to choose a path they may following in their sporting journey but won't define them to one sport with the opportunity to explore along their journey.

Sport Stars Consists of the following programs:
Rookie Stars for kids aged  -  2 - 5
Soccer Stars                          - 5 - 12
Hoops Stars                           - 5 - 10
Net Set Go                              - 5 - 10
Volley Stars                            - 7 - 14
All Stars                                  - 5 - 7  




​Age Appropiate for:

​Program Purpose

Rookie Stars

Thursday Mornings

​2 - 5 years​Rookie Stars is a program designed to help young children with motor skill development.  They will learn basic movements, such as running, jumping and changing direction.   Along with learning to throw, catch, kick and hit a ball.    This program will touch on the basic skills of sport as they get older.   The program is fun, engaging and perfect way to get your kids started in sport

​Soccer Stars

Friday nights From 4.30pm

​5 - 12 years​Soccer Stars is your first taste of soccer working on the basics of the game.  By now hopefully you have done rookie stars your child is able to kick a ball.   Now we start to introduce other skills like dribbling/stopping the ball, passing and shooting for goal correctly.   We start to move into modified game play as children start to develop their skills.   By the time they finish Soccer Stars they should be ready for competition style soccer.    Our program is indoors and is never affected by weather.

Hoops Stars

 Monday & Tuesday  Nights from 4.45pm

5 - 10 years​​Hoops Stars is your first taste of basketball.  If you have done Rookie Stars your child would have been exposed to catching and throwing a ball.   Now we start to get specific with basketball skills we teach basic ball handling, dribbling, shooting and much more that basketball has to offer.    Hoop stars is fun and enjoyable it will get your child excited by the great game of basketball.

Volley Stars

Wednesday 5pm - 6pm

​7 - 14 years​Volleyball stars is a great new program where we start to explore the game of volleyball done on the sand with a focus to beach volleyball.   Children learn to dig, set and spike.   They play modified games to learn how to implement their skill learnings into game play.

​All Stars

Friday Nights From 4.30pm

​5 - 7 years​All Stars is a great multisport program designed for children that aren't quite shore what sport they want to get into or struggling with obtaining confidence to play sport.    This program is aimed around fun, getting children moving and most of all getting a love for sport and physical activity.   This program will launch in February 2017

Net Set Go

 to be confirmed

​5 - 10 years​​Net set go is your start to netball like Hoops stars this will work on the basic fundamentals of netball.   throwing , catching and shooting in a fun engaging way.   Where children will gain confidence to play the game of netball. 

 For all our programs please call the centre and arrange 1 free trial class to experience the class you want to try.  Give us a call on 9401 2222