Cardio Tennis

What is Cardio Tennis?

Cardio Tennis is a fitness program focused on increasing the awareness and understanding of participants health and physical activity in a modified environment.  This fun, flexible and high-energy workout is delivered to music and incorporates basic tennis skills along the way.

The socially based program is a great way to increase knowledge, skills and understandings about health and physical activity.  Emphasising individual improvement and goal setting through learning, this can have a positive impact on leading an active and healthy life.

The Cardio Tennis program is inclusive, engaging all participants no matter what their standard. It’s suitable for all ages and helps participants to explore and develop movement patterns, coordination, game strategies, leadership and communication skills.

If you’d like to give Cardio Tennis a go fill out our enquiry form below and our staff will get back in contact with you or call one of our friendly staff members on 9401 2222.

Session Outline

What does a Cardio Tennis lesson look like?

Cardio Tennis comprises six components:

  • the lesson (warm up, Cardio and cool down)
  • music
  • pedometers
  • low-compression balls
  • cardio bursts
  • enthusiastic teacher

In a typical lesson, participants begin with a dynamic warm-up and a fundamental perceptual motor skills (FPMS) focused activity. We start with FPMS so that participants can refine their skills as well as perform an activity more accurately before moving into the high intensity cardio component.

Cardio Tennis Times

Monday’s at 7pm

Thursday’s at 7pm

Cardio Tennis Pricing

Casual Class- $13.30

Concession Casual Class- $10

Re-Stringing Service

We are now offering a re-stringing service for your tennis rackets!

You can drop your racket off anytime during our opening hours and we will let you know a suitable time for pickup.

The cost for this service is $40 (inc GST).

PLUS you receive a free 30 minute tennis court hire during off peak period if you get your re-string done with us!

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