Indoor football


Indoor football is a modified non-contact version of AFL. Played over the five indoor tennis courts (roughly 70m by 25m), the rules encourage clean skills and intelligent play:

  • Eight players on the court (continuous rotations)
  • No contact
  • No kicking off the ground
  • No touching the netting
  • No punching the ball – you must use an open hand
  • Must dispose of the ball within 5 seconds
  • Continuous play kick-in from goals and points

Games consist of 8-minute quarters. Teams must be wearing matching tops with numbers.

Our indoor football competition is open those who want fine-tune their skills between matches or just want to have a kick.

To find out more, call 9401 2222 or fill out an enquiry form.

Game time and cost

Game Type Cost Per Game (Per Team) Day & Time
Men’s $120 Monday & Wednesday Nights from 7.00pm


How can I register?

To find out more about our indoor football competitions call 9401 2222 or  submit an enquiry and we’ll contact you.

Policies and code of conduct

Before the season starts, ensure your team reads our:

Enquiry form