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The Y Leisure City is proud to make a commitment to netball in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Playing netball offers a wide range of physical, mental, and social benefits, making it a fantastic sport for individuals of all ages and skill levels, and The Y are dedicated to fostering the growth of netball in the community.

Benefits of playing netball include:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Strength and Muscle Tone
  • Weight Management
  • Teamwork and Communication
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Social Connections
  • Self-Confidence

Our indoor social netball competitions are held at Leisure City in Epping, providing the perfect setting for a night of friendly competition and exercise. Whether you’re a seasoned netball pro or just looking to try something new, The Y Leisure City has a netball experience for you. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our facilities are top-notch, so you can focus on what matters most – ­enjoying the game.

On Tuesday nights, our women’s social netball competition is all about fun, friendship, and fitness. We invite you to register as a team or if you register as a single player, we can find you a team to be part of in our vibrant netball community. Enjoy the experience of playing the game in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

The Y Leisure City invites you to join our vibrant netball community and experience the thrill of the game. Come and be a part of the netball action at Leisure City, where fun, friendship, and fitness come together on the court.

Indoor netball season spring

Social competitions

Our netball competitions are for those who want to play netball in a social, friendly environment. Be part of our vibrant netball community and experience the thrill of the game in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

Ladies Netball

Tuesday nights, $85 per game.


How can I register?

To find out more about our netball competitions call 9401 2222 or submit an enquiry and we’ll contact you.

Policies and code of conduct

Please ensure your team reads our Sport Policy and Code of Conduct.

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