Here at the Y Leisure City, tennis lovers, social players and competitive players can enjoy tennis all year round with our 5 indoor tennis courts!

For the kids our tennis team offer Hot Shots Tennis (4-10 year olds) as well as the Little Aces program for 2-5 years which are both part of the broader Tennis Australia range of programs.

Our fitness based program Cardio Tennis will get your blood pumping and keep your tennis skills sharp! We offer sessions that correlate with our child care hours to ensure your littles ones can keep busy.

Competitions are held over the week for a men and women as well as juniors and teams.

Private coaching is also available for individuals looking to fast track their learning!

The Y Leisure City is a proud member of Tennis Victoria & Tennis Australia.

Getting Started With Tennis Lessons

If you are interested in starting tennis lessons at the Y Leisure City will need to complete a tennis assessment.

Tennis assessments allow our coaches to determine the appropriate class for you/your child to join and help set you up for success.

The assessment usually takes 10 minutes where players will be assessed on various skills including forehand, backhand, serving and volleying so that the coach can determine the correct level that the player should start in.

To request an assessment click here to complete the gymnastics assessment request form and a member of our team will contact you to confirm a date and time. Alternatively, you can call our centre to schedule an assessment over the phone.

Preparing for your Tennis Assessment

Please arrive no later than 5 minutes before your assessment is scheduled to begin and make sure your wearing comfortable clothing and has removed any jewellery before they begin. We also suggest that you bring a drink bottle.

Players can use their racquet if they have one. If you don’t own a tennis racquet the Y Leisure City will be able to provide you one for your initial assessment, however, players will need to acquire their tennis racquet if enrol in tennis lessons.

Parents are more than welcome to observe during the assessment from the parents viewing area.

Get Started

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