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Little Gym Stars


Gymnastics provides a great foundation for all physical activity and social development for young children.

At The Y Leisure City, our Little Gym Stars program offers two aged- based classes to help children develop coordination, balance and spatial / body awareness across a variety of apparatus in a fun and engaging way.

  • Little Gym Stars- 2 – 3 years old (parent assisted class)
  • Little Gym Stars- 4 years to school age

Our gymnasts will explore different themes every fortnight to develop their confidence, conceptual awareness and listening skills.

Our large gymnastics hall is fully air-conditioned and has a separate viewing area for parents to enjoy. 

Benefits of gymnastics in early childhood.

Gymnastics helps children to improve their motor skills while also having fun!


  1. Fundamental movement skills: jumping, leaping, hopping and spinning – first key movements that they learn in gymnastics.
  2. Static and Dynamic balance – gymnastics requires children to keep their body upright as they complete those fundamental movement skills while moving their centre of gravity over their base of support.
  3. Body and spatial awareness – gymnastics encourages children to be more connected with their space and movement of their body.
  4. Builds core strength – Gymnastics builds core strength by involving activities such as climbing, balancing, tumbling, leaping jumping and bridging.
  5. Vestibular Skills: our brain and body needs vestibular sensory information to develop our gross and fine motor skills by moving our bodies in all directions. Gymnastics incorporates body movements in all directions; left, right, up, down and in rotation.


Little Gym Stars- $21 per class


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