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Tape ball cricket / indoor cricket


Tape ball cricket is an amazing game – with very simple rules which are flexible allowing you to play your own unique game. This popular fast paced sport is great fun for all levels of players and those new to the sport of cricket.

The game is played with only a small amount of gear required, and also only a small number of players (teams don’t even have to have the same number of players) to get your game under way.

At Leisure City we have 2 tape ball cricket field options available for court hire depending on your number of players and requirements. All you need to bring along is your friends, your rules and we have everything you need to get stared!

Indoor Tape Ball Cricket Court

This large indoor court is bigger than your standard indoor tape ball field and suitable for up to 8-a-side games. For the hire of this space the pitch is included along with cricket equipment so all you need to bring is yourself and your friends to enjoy the game!

Field Size– 30m x 17m- Bigger than regular indoor cricket court!

Cost- $68 per hour

Includes- Cricket Equipment included (stumps, bats & ball)

Indoor Synthetic Tape Ball Field

One of Melbourne’s largest indoor tape ball cricket fields is at Leisure City. Over 70m long this field is played on synthetic grass providing the ultimate local tape ball experience. Hire out this space, bring your friends and play by your own tape ball rules!

Field Size- 70 metres x 30 metres

Included- Cricket Equipment included (stumps, bats & ball)

Cost- $117.50 per hour

*Minimum 2 hours booking

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