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Soccer Stars


The Y’s Soccer Stars is the ultimate kids’ soccer skills program, offering children aged 5 to 12 years old a safe, fun, and engaging way to learn the fundamentals of soccer. Soccer Stars has tailored programs for different age groups and abilities: Bronze 5-7 years; Silver 8-10 years; Gold 11-12 years, and Platinum (Advanced Skill Level).

Soccer Stars kids’ soccer program emphasises skill development and sportsmanship. We understand that at this age, children need a supportive and nurturing environment to grow both as individuals and as athletes. The Y Leisure City in Epping provides a comfortable and safe indoor experience, and our team of experienced coaches is ready to nurture and guide these young players.

Here are some of the fundamental skills learned in the Soccer Stars program:

  • Dribbling: children will learn the art of dribbling the soccer ball, learning to control it with their feet while navigating through the field.
  • Stopping the Ball: we emphasize the importance of stopping and controlling the ball, a fundamental skill that is essential for all soccer players.
  • Passing: kids will learn how to pass the ball accurately to their teammates, promoting teamwork and cooperation on and off the field.
  • Shooting: our program hones in on shooting techniques, helping your child develop precision and power in their shots.
  • Positioning: understanding the right position on the field is crucial in soccer. We teach kids how to read the game and position themselves effectively.

As your child gains confidence and skills, we progress their learning and have them ready to join competition soccer by the end of the program if they’re interested. Our goal is not only to teach soccer but also about building friendships, and fostering a love for sports that can last a lifetime. So, why wait? Enroll your child in the Y Leisure City Soccer Stars program today and watch them score goals on and off the field!


  • Bronze- 5 – 7 years
  • Silver- 8- 10 years
  • Gold- 11-12 years
  • Platinum- Advanced Skill Level


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Weekly Price Fortnightly Price
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