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Conditions of entry – 24/7 health club

The Y Leisure City is a full service health club that also provides the option for 24/7 access.

The club is staffed at the front desk during prime times and will operate “staff free” during off peak times. Staffed hours are displayed at the 24/7 entrance door. The Y Leisure City reserves the right to make amendments to staffed hours at any time.

Access to the club during non-staffed hours is gained via a specialised tag referred to as a “The Y 24/7 ACCESS TAG”. Since there are no staff on the premises, members must behave in an honest, courteous, polite and non-threatening manner and observe all safety regulations.

There is a sophisticated CCTV and security system installed for your protection and safety. The club is monitored during non-staffed hours by a local security company. Duress switches are located throughout the club to initiate police attendance.

Please pay attention to the following code of conduct which must be agreed to and adhered to by all members.


For security purposes, The Y Leisure City uses video surveillance equipment to monitor the facility on a 24/7 basis. By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that whilst at the club you will be subject to surveillance and video recording. This is for your safety and protection. Video surveillance is limited to the floor area only and is not within the walls of the change rooms, toilets or showers.


During non-staffed hours access to the facility will be via the 24/7 side entry. You may only use your The Y 24/7 ACCESS TAG for yourself only.

Your Y 24/7 ACCESS TAG is NOT transferable and cannot be used to let anyone else into the facility. A fine of $150 is payable if your Y 24/7 ACCESS TAG is used for entry by anyone other than yourself.


Duress Switches are situated throughout the club. These can be activated at any time when you may feel threatened or unsafe. Duress Switches will activate a signal to police and will result in immediate police attendance.

Any person falsely activating a Duress Switch will be fined $150.


If you are the only person in the facility or there is only a very small number of people in the club, then we advise you to wear a Low Member Pendant. When both buttons on the pendant are pressed an alert will be sent to security and will result in immediate Police attendance.  It is your responsibility to use the pendant during low member usage. Pendants must be returned before leaving.

Removing a pendant from the club will result in a $150 fine for replacement cost.


Your membership is for your use only. You cannot allow other people to use your Y 24/7 ACCESS TAG when you are not using the gym. One Membership, One person. Photo ID is recorded to ensure that the owner of the membership is the one using the club and will be checked regularly.

Sharing your membership Tag with others will result in a $150 fine and cancellation of your membership.


The minimum age for outside staffed hours’ entry is 18 years.


If you lose your Y 24/7 ACCESS TAG, you must immediately notify the club so that it can be deactivated. A replacement tag will cost $29.

It is your responsibility to notify us as soon as possible or within 24 hours. If you do not notify us and your Y 24/7 ACCESS TAG is used by a third party to gain access to the gym, you will be fined $150.


It is a condition of 24/7 access privileges that you participate in a scheduled orientation of the security system. All members must be aware of the location of Cameras, Duress Switches and Low Member Pendants.


All members must be experienced in the safe use of gym equipment. Any person who is new to strength training must book in for a gym orientation and weights program.

During unstaffed hours no extreme lifting or dropping of heavy weights is allowed. Members must exercise in a responsible manner and not attempt to lift weights that are heavier than they are used to. This is especially important if you are training alone on bench press, squat racks and for all other free weight exercises.


At all times members must behave in a quiet, courteous and respectful manner. There must be no abuse or theft of equipment. Members are expected to take good care of the equipment including stripping weights from bars and machines and putting weights away. Sweat towels should be used at all times and cardio equipment wiped down after use.

Members who fail to put weights away after use may have their Y 24/7 ACCESS TAG denied.


By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that you are in good health and have no medical condition that could cause potential harm in an unsupervised exercise situation.

Eg. diabetes, high blood pressure, heart condition, pregnancy. We advise that people with potentially dangerous medical conditions should only exercise during staffed hours.


Doors to the Group Fitness Studio and the Ladies Studio will be locked during non-staffed times. Some doors may be left open for emergency access but should not be used unless there is an emergency situation. Various signs around the club and general access areas will advise of off limits areas. These areas are alarmed and video recordings taken in the event of illegal entry.

Any entry to a restricted zone will carry a fine of $150.


There are Two emergency exits in case of an emergency.

  1. The 24/7 entry door
  2. Door to tennis courts and then to your right and out the first exit door.


If your account is in arrears or if you are returning early from suspension your Y 24/7 ACCESS TAG will not permit you access outside of staffed hours. You are required to bring your membership account up to date by visiting us at Reception during staffed hours.

I, the undersigned member understand that I will be subjected to a $150 fine and my membership will be cancelled if I do any of the following:

  • Allow an unauthorised person to enter the club with me.
  • Allow someone else to use my Y 24/7 ACCESS TAG
  • Enter any restricted area when there is no emergency.
  • Activate a Duress Switch without good reason.
  • Take home a Low Member Pendant.
  • Damage, vandalise or steal any club equipment (this may incur further fees depending on damages etc.).
  • Behave in a threatening, abusive or discourteous manner.
  • Be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs whilst at the club.